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Redefining Jabalpur’s Transportion Experience

Bus Karde! provides a renewed and refined travel experience to users of public transportation. It aggregates the best parts of all available modes of public transport and packages it in an exciting and easy-to-use product. A fun, relatable brand was also created to ensure a cohesive and comfortable experience.

UI Design

Immediate Financial Assistance During COVID‑19

COVID-19 brought a variety of problems, a great deal of which had to do with money. Ration aims to address the issues caused due to a financial crisis during periods of mass unemployment and a migrant labor crisis in India. It combines the concept of crowd-funding with the Indian Public Distribution System to provide financial aid to those in need.

D'Source Corona Design Challenge 2020: Jury Selection

UI Design
UX Design
Design Research

Award Winning Poster Visualizing Dyslexia Among The Visually Impaired

My first design competition submission, The Dots Are Dancing is a poster work that tries to visualize dyslexia occurring among the visually impaired.

 Typoday 2019 — Top 25 Posters

Graphic Design

Proposed branding for an educational non‑profit startup

An open email competition to design a logo for an upcoming nonprofit educational startup turned into a full-on branding self-project. The brand aims to be friendly, approachable and convey the message of the nonprofit: Education for all.